ICD Fall 2016

The courses listed below have been approved by Texas A&M University’s Faculty Senate to meet the International and Cultural Diversity graduation requirement, beginning Fall 2016. To narrow down the search, courses can be sorted by campus, by course, or by title.

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Note: Courses taken abroad, whether conducted in another country by a Texas A&M University faculty member, completed as reciprocal education exchange programs (REEP), or completed in another country through direct enrollment in another institution, can be used to satisfy the International and Cultural Diversity graduation requirement. This include credits earned through 285, 291, 484, 485, and 491 courses conducted abroad for which grades are determined by a Texas A&M University faculty member.

Several courses that satisfy the International and Cultural Diversity requirement also satisfy a University Core Curriculum requirement. Courses that also meet a University Core Curriculum requirement can be sorted and searched for by Foundational Component Area. Other courses meeting University Core Curriculum requirements can be found at core.tamu.edu.

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CSGVCourseCourse NameCross ListedCore Curriculum Foundational Component AreaTexas Common Course Number
YesACCT 445International AccountingIBUS 445  
YesAFST 201Introduction to Africana Studies   
YesAFST 204Introduction to African American LiteratureENGL 204Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesAFST 205Introduction to Africana LiteratureENGL 205  
YesAFST 301Blacks in the United States Since 1877HIST 301American History 
YesAFST 302Gateway Course   
YesAFST 317Racial and Ethnic RelationsSOCI 317  
YesAFST 323Sociology of African AmericansSOCI 323  
YesAFST 327Popular Musics in the African DiasporaMUSC 327; PERF 327Creative Arts 
YesAFST 339African-American Literature Post-1930ENGL 339  
YesAFST 345Modern AfricaHIST 345Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesAFST 346History of South AfricaHIST 346  
YesAFST 379Postcolonial StudiesENGL 379  
YesAFST 393Studies in Africana Literature and CultureENGL 393  
YesAFST 425Rhetoric of the Civil Rights MovementCOMM 425  
YesAGEC 452International Trade and Agriculture   
YesAGEC 453International Agribusiness Marketing   
YesALEC 450Global Social Justice Issues in Agriculture Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesALED 313Culture Theory, Orientation and Adaption   
YesALED 422Cultural Pluralism in Agriculture   
YesANSC 431Equine Marketing and Development   
YesANTH 201Introduction to Anthropology Social And Behavioral SciencesANTH 2346, HUMA 2323
YesANTH 205Peoples and Cultures of the World Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesYesANTH 210Social and Cultural Anthropology Language, Philosophy and CultureANTH 2351
YesANTH 300Cultural Change and Development   
YesANTH 301Indians of North America   
YesANTH 314Agrarian Peasant Societies   
YesANTH 324Music in World CulturesMUSC 324Creative Arts 
YesANTH 403Anthropology of ReligionRELS 403  
YesANTH 404Woman and CultureWGST 404  
YesANTH 426Anthropology of Food and Nutrition   
YesARAB 201Immediate Arabic I Language, Philosophy and CultureARAB 2311
YesARAB 202Immediate Arabic II Language, Philosophy and CultureARAB 2312
YesARAB 475Media and the Middle EastCOMM 475  
YesARCH 212Social and Behavioral Factors in Design Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesARCH 213Sustainable Architecture Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesARCH 249Survey of World Architecture History I Creative ArtsARCH 1301
YesARCH 250Survey of World Architecture History II Creative ArtsARCH 1302
YesARCH 345History of Building Technology   
YesARCH 350History and Theory of Modern and Contemporary Architecture Creative Arts 
YesARCH 446Historic Preservation   
YesARCH 458Cultural and Ethical Considerations for Global Practice Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesYesARTS 150Art History Survey II  Creative Arts 
YesARTS 350The Arts of America   
YesASIA 325International Business BehaviorSOCI 325  
YesASIA 329Pacific Rim Business BehaviorSOCI 329  
YesASIA 463Gender in AsiaSOCI 463, WGST 463  
YesCARC 301Field Studies in Design Innovation   
YesCARC 311Field Studies in Design Communication Creative Arts 
YesCARC 321Field Studies in Design Technology   
YesCARC 331Architectural Structures Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesCHIN 201Intermediate Chinese I Language, Philosophy and CultureCHIN 2311
YesCHIN 202Intermediate Chinese II Language, Philosophy and CultureCHIN 2312
YesCOMM 327American Oratory  Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesCOMM 335Intercultural Communication Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesCOMM 365International CommunicationJOUR 365Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesCOMM 407Women, Minorities and the Mass MediaWGST 407  
YesCOMM 425Rhetoric of the Civil Rights MovementAFST 425  
YesCOMM 475Media and the Middle EastARAB 475  
YesDCED 202Dance Appreciation Creative Arts 
YesDCED 301Dance History    
YesDDHS 3310Health Education & Behavioral Science   
YesDDHS 4140Clinical Dental Hygiene III   
YesDDHS 4240Clinical Dental Hygiene IV   
YesDDHS 4410Gerontology   
YesDDHS 4530Public and Community Health   
YesDDHS 4820Clinical Dental Hygiene III   
YesECON 312Poverty, Inequality, and Social Policy   
YesECON 318Economics of Gender and RaceWGST 318  
YesECON 320Economic Development of Europe   
YesECON 324Comparative Economic Systems   
YesECON 330Economic Development   
YesYesECON 452International Trade Theory and Policy    
YesEHRD 408Globalization and Diversity in the Workplace   
YesENDS 101Design Process Creative ArtsARCH 1311
YesYesENGL 204Introduction to African American LiteratureAFST 204Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesENGL 205Introduction to Africana LiteratureAFST 205  
YesENGL 20621st Century Literature and Culture Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesENGL 211Foundations in Cultural StudiesINST 211  
YesENGL 221World LiteratureMODL 221Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesYesENGL 222World LiteratureMODL 222Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesENGL 232Survey of English Literature II Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesYesENGL 251Introduction to Film AnalysisFILM 251Creative Arts 
YesENGL 253Introduction to Cultural Studies & Popular Culture Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesENGL 333Gay and Lesbian LiteratureWGST 333Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesENGL 336Life and Literature of the Southwest   
YesENGL 337Life and Literature of the American South   
YesYesENGL 338American Ethnic Literature Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesYesENGL 339African-American Literature Post-1930AFST 339  
YesENGL 340Twentieth-Century Drama   
YesENGL 352Literature, World War II to Present Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesENGL 362Hispanic Literature in the United StatesHISP 362Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesYesENGL 374Women WritersWGST 374Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesENGL 376American Novel Since 1900 Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesENGL 378The British Novel, 1870 to Present   
YesENGL 379Postcolonial StudiesAFST 379  
YesENGL 393Studies in Africana Literature and CultureAFST 393  
YesENGL 403Language and Gender   
YesENGL 474Studies in Women WritersWGST 474  
YesENGR 410Global Engineering Design   
YesESSM 314Principles of Rangeland Management Around the World   
YesEURO 223French Culture & Society in French Literary Masterpieces in TranslationFREN 223  
YesEURO 323Immigration and Ethnicity in Contemporary France   
YesEURO 406Propaganda and DissidenceFILM 406  
YesEURO 443Contemporary Russian ProseRUSS 443  
YesEURO 444Russian DramaRUSS 444  
YesEURO 447Russian Artistic Culture: 1890 to PresentRUSS 447  
YesYesFILM 251Introduction to Film AnalysisENGL 251Creative ArtsCOMM 2366
YesFILM 425French FilmFREN 425Creative Arts 
YesFILM 435Germany FilmGERM 435  
YesFILM 455Italian CinemaITAL 455  
YesFINC 445Funding International BusinessIBUS 446  
YesFREN 201Intermediate French I Language, Philosophy and CultureFREN 2311
YesFREN 202Intermediate French II Language, Philosophy and CultureFREN 2312
YesFREN 223French Culture and Society in French Literary Masterpieces in TranslationEURO 223  
YesFREN 301French Culture and Civilization   
YesFREN 322Survey of French Literature II   
YesFREN 336Contemporary France   
YesFREN 418Seminar in French Civilization   
YesFREN 425French FilmFILM 425Creative Arts 
YesFSTC 300Religious and Ethnic FoodsNUTR 300Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesYesGEOG 201Introduction to Human Geography Social and Behavioral SciencesGEOG 1302
YesYesGEOG 202Geography of the Global Village Language, Philosophy and CultureGEOG 1303
YesYesGEOG 301Geography of the United States Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesGEOG 305Geography of Texas Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesGEOG 306Introduction to Urban Geography   
YesGEOG 311Cultural Geography   
YesGEOG 320The Middle East   
YesGEOG 323Geography of Latin America   
YesGEOG 325Geography of Europe   
YesGEOG 327Geography of South Asia   
YesGEOG 420Geography of Terrorism   
YesGERM 201Intermediate German I Language, Philosophy and CultureGERM 2311
YesGERM 202Intermediate German II Language, Philosophy and CultureGERM 2312
YesGERM 322German Culture and Civilization   
YesGERM 435German FilmFILM 435  
YesHISP 205Don Quixote and the other Arts Creative Arts 
YesHISP 352Hispanic Literature and Film   
YesHISP 362Hispanic Literature in the United StatesENGL 362Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesHISP 363Borderlands: U.S. and Mexico   
YesHIST 210Russian Civilization Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesHIST 214History of England Language, Philosophy and CultureHIST 2314
YesHIST 258American Indian History American History 
YesHIST 301Blacks in the United States, 1607-1877AFST 301American History 
YesHIST 305Mexican-American History 1848-Present   
YesHIST 307Latino Communities of the U.S.   
YesHIST 319U.S. Immigration and Ethnicity   
YesHIST 336Europe Since 1932   
HIST 339Eastern Europe   
HIST 342Latin America Since 1810   
HIST 343Inter-American Relations   
YesHIST 345Modern AfricaAFST 345Language, Philosophy and Culture 
HIST 346History of South AfricaAFST 346  
HIST 348Modern Middle East   
HIST 352Modern East AsiaASIA 352  
HIST 355Modern ChinaASIA 355  
HIST 356Twentieth Century JapanASIA 356  
YesHIST 402Germany Since 1815   
YesYesHIST 405History of the Holocaust   
YesHIST 407The Era of the French Revolution and Napoleon   
YesHIST 412Soviet Union   
YesHIST 439Twentieth Century England   
YesHIST 440Latin America Cultural and Intellectual History   
YesHIST 441History of Mexico, 1821 to the Present   
YesHIST 449History of Brazil, 1822 to Present   
YesHIST 451The New South, 1876 to the Present   
YesHIST 455History of the American City   
YesHIST 460American Society and Culture Since 1877   
YesHIST 461History of American WomenWGST 461  
YesHIST 464International Developments since 1918   
YesHIST 473History of Modern American WomenWGST 473  
YesHIST 477Women in Modern European HistoryWGST 477  
YesHLTH 236Race, Ethnicity and Health Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesHLTH 334Women's HealthWGST 334  
YesHORT 335Sociohorticulture Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesHORT 440International Horticulture   
YesHUMA 303Near Eastern ReligionsRELS 303  
YesHUMA 304Indian and Oriental ReligionsRELS 304  
YesHUMA 321Political Islam and JihadINST 321, RELS 321  
YesIBUS 401Global MarketingMKTG 401  
YesIBUS 403International Market Entry StrategiesMKTG 403  
YesIBUS 445International AccountingACCT 445  
IBUS 446Funding International BusinessFINC 445  
YesIBUS 450International Environment of BusinessMGMT 450  
YesIBUS 452International ManagementMGMT 452  
YesIBUS 453Emerging Economies: Brazil, Russia, India and ChinaMGMT 453  
YesIBUS 455Asian Business Environment    
YesIBUS 456European Integration and Business   
YesIBUS 457Global EntrepreneurshipMGMT 457  
YesIBUS 458International Negotiations   
YesIBUS 459Latin American Markets   
YesIBUS 460Academy for Future International Leaders   
YesINST 210Understanding Special Populations Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesINST 211Foundations in Cultural StudiesENGL 211  
YesINST 222Foundations of Education in a Multicultural Society Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesINST 251Contemporary Issues in the Middle East Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesINST 301Theories of Globalization Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesINST 321Political Islam and JihadHUMA 321, RELS 321  
YesITAL 201Intermediate Italian I Language, Philosophy and CultureITAL 2311
YesITAL 202Intermediate Italian II Language, Philosophy and CultureITAL 2312
YesITAL 455Italian CinemaFILM 455  
YesJAPN 201Intermediate Japanese I Language, Philosophy and CultureJAPN 2311
YesJAPN 202Intermediate Japanese II Language, Philosophy and CultureJAPN 2312
YesJOUR 365International CommunicationCOMM 365Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesLAND 240History of Landscape Architecture Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesLBAR 331Studies in European Civilization and Culture I   
YesLBAR 332Studies in European Civilization and Culture II   
YesLING 307Language and Culture   
YesYesMARA 440Global Economy and Enterprise Management   
YesYesMARE 400Marine Engineering and TechnologyMARR 400  
YesYesMARR 400Marine Engineering and TechnologyMARE 400  
YesMARS 210Marine Geogoraphy Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesYesMARS 280Coastal and Ocean Resources   
YesYesMARS 432Peak Oil, Global Warming and Resource Scarcity   
YesYesMART 400Advanced Communications, Navigation, and Seamanship   
YesYesMAST 411International Maritime Culture   
MGMT 430Employment Discrimination LawWGST 430  
YesMGMT 450International Environmental of BusinessIBUS 450  
YesMGMT 452International ManagementIBUS 452  
YesMGMT 453Emerging Economies: Brazil, Russia, India and ChinaIBUS 453  
YesMGMT 457Global EntrepreneurshipIBUS 457  
YesMKTG 401Global MarketingIBUS 401  
YesMKTG 403International Market Entry StrategiesIBUS 403  
YesMODL 221World LiteratureENGL 221Language, Philosophy and CultureENGL 2332
YesMODL 222World LiteratureENGL 222Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesMUSC 201Music & The Human Experience Language, Philosophy and CultureMUSI 1306
YesMUSC 221Guitar Heroes Creative Arts 
YesMUSC 222Music of the Americas Creative Arts 
YesYesMUSC 226History of Rock Creative Arts 
YesMUSC 227Popula Music of India Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesMUSC 301Performance in World CulturesPERF 310, THAR 301Creative Arts 
YesMUSC 312Music in Early Western Culture   
YesMUSC 315Music in the 20th Century   
YesMUSC 324Music in World CulturesANTH 324Creative Arts 
YesMUSC 325Dance in World CulturesPERF 325Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesMUSC 326Dance and Identity in the United StatesPERF 326Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesMUSC 327Popular Musics in the African DiasporaAFST 327, PERF 327Creative Arts 
YesMUSC 328Japanese Traditional Performing ArtsTHAR 328Creative Arts 
YesMUSC 386Evolution of the American MusicalTHAR 386Creative Arts 
YesYesNAUT 400Advanced Communications, Navigation, and Seamanship   
YesNURS 421Care of Community Health Clients   
YesNURS 424Professional Issues   
YesNURS 464Health Promotion Across the Lifespan for the RN   
YesNURS 466Community Health for the RN   
YesNUTR 300Religious and Ethnic FoodsFSTC 300Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesPERF 301Performance in World CulturesMUSC 301, THAR 301Creative Arts 
YesPERF 325Dance in World CulturesMUSC 325Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesPERF 326Dance and Identity in the United StatesMUSC 326Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesPERF 327Popular Musics in the African DiasporaAFST 327, MUSC 327Creative Arts 
YesPHIL 283Latin American Philosophy   
YesPHIL 416Recent British and American Philosophy   
YesPHIL 419Current Continental Philosophy   
YesPOLS 229Introduction to Comparative Politics   
YesPOLS 231Introduction to World Politics   
YesPOLS 317Women in PoliticsWGST 317  
YesPOLS 322Western European Government and Politics   
YesPOLS 323Political Systems of Latin America   
YesPOLS 324Politics of Global Inequality   
YesPOLS 326Government and Politics of Eastern Europe   
YesPOLS 328Globalization and Democracy   
YesPOLS 338Government and Politics of the Former Soviet Union   
YesPOLS 365Asian Governments and Politics   
YesPOLS 366Political Conflicts of the Middle East   
YesPOLS 367Women in Government in Comparative PerspectiveWGST 367  
YesPOLS 424Comparative Governmental Instructions   
YesPOLS 432The Politics of European Union   
YesPOLS 462Women and the LawWGST 462  
YesPSYC 300Psychology of WomenWGST 300  
YesRELS 303Near Eastern ReligionsHUMA 303  
YesRELS 304Indian and Oriental ReligionsHUMA 304  
YesRELS 312Contemplative Practices in the Modern World Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesRELS 321Political Islam and JihadHUMA 321, INST 321  
YesRELS 403Anthropology of ReligionANTH 403  
YesRPTS 340Recreation, Parks, and Diverse Populations   
YesRUSS 201Intermediate Russian I Language, Philosophy and CultureRUSS 2311
YesRUSS 202Intermediate Russian II Language, Philosophy and CultureRUSS 2312
YesRUSS 443Contemporary Russian ProseEURO 443  
YesRUSS 444Russian DramaEURO 444  
YesRUSS 447Russian Artistic Culture II: 1890 to PresentEURO 447  
YesSCSC 420Brazilian Agriculture and Food Production Systems   
YesSOCI 205Introduction to Sociology Social and Behavioral SciencesSOCI 1301
YesSOCI 206Global Social Trends Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesSOCI 207Introduction to Gender and SocietyWGST 207Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesSOCI 212Sociology of Popular Culture Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesSOCI 217Introduction to Race and Ethnicity Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesSOCI 310Motherhood in SocietyWGST 310  
YesSOCI 312Population and Society Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesSOCI 313Military, War and Society Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesSOCI 314Social Problems Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesSOCI 315The Marriage InstitutionWGST 315Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesSOCI 316Sociology and GenderWGST 316  
YesSOCI 317Racial and Ethnic RelationsAFST 317  
YesSOCI 323Sociology of African AmericansAFST 323  
YesSOCI 325International Business BehaviorASIA 325  
YesSOCI 327Morality and Society Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesSOCI 329Pacific Rim Business BehaviorASIA 329  
YesSOCI 330Sociology of Nutrition   
YesSOCI 403Sociology of Latinos   
YesSOCI 419Social Class in Contemporary Society   
YesSOCI 423Globalization and Social Change   
YesSOCI 424Women and Work in SocietyWGST 424  
YesSOCI 463Gender in AsiaASIA 463, WGST 463  
YesYesSPAN 201Intermediate Spanish I Language, Philosophy and CultureSPAN 2311
YesYesSPAN 202Intermediate Spanish II Language, Philosophy and CultureSPAN 2312
YesSPAN 312Hispanic Culture and Civilization   
YesSPAN 320Introduction to Hispanic Literature   
YesSPAN 410Hispanic Film   
YesSPAN 411Contemporary Hispanic Society and Culture   
YesSPAN 412Hispanic Writers in the U.S.    
YesSPAN 421Spanish Literature Poetry   
YesSPAN 450Contemporary Spanish and Spanish-American Literature   
SPMT 220Olympic Studies Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesSPMT 336Diversity in Sport Organizations  Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesSPMT 337International Sport Business Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesTEFB 273Introduction to Culture, Community, Society and Schools   
YesTHAR 101Introdcution to Western Theatre and Drama Creative ArtsDRAM 1310
YesTHAR 156Dress, Culture, and Society Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesTHAR 201Introduction to World Theatre Creative Arts 
YesTHAR 281History of the Theatre II Language, Philosophy and CultureDRAM 2362
YesTHAR 301Performance in World CulturesPERF 301, MUSC 301Creative Arts 
YesTHAR 328Japanese Traditional Performing ArtsMUSC 328Creative Arts 
YesTHAR 386Evolution of the American MusicalMUSC 386Creative Arts 
YesURPN 361Urban Issues   
YesVTPB 221Great Diseases of the World   
YesVTPP 401History of Human and Veterinary Medicine in Europe   
YesWGST 200Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesWGST 207Introduction to Gender and SocietySOCI 207Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesWGST 300Psychology of WomenPSYC 300  
YesWGST 307Gender and Education   
YesWGST 308Gender and International Education   
YesWGST 310Motherhood in SocietySOCI 310  
YesWGST 316Sociology of GenderSOCI 316  
YesWGST 317Women in PoliticsPOLS 317  
YesWGST 333Gay and Lesbian LiteratureENGL 333Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesWGST 334Women's HealthHLTH 334  
YesWGST 367Women in Government in Comparative PerspectivePOLS 367  
YesWGST 374Women WritersENGL 374Language, Philosophy and Culture 
YesWGST 391Studies in Gender and Diversity   
YesWGST 401Feminist Theory   
YesWGST 404Women and CultureANTH 404  
YesWGST 407Women, Minorities and the Mass MediaCOMM 407  
YesWGST 424Women and Work in SocietySOCI 424  
YesWGST 430Employment Discrimination LawMGMT 430  
YesWGST 461History of American WomenHIST 461  
YesWGST 462Women and the LawPOLS 462  
YesWGST 463Gender in AsiaASIA 463, SOCI 463  
YesWGST 473History of Modern American WomenHIST 473  
YesWGST 474Studies in Women WritersENGL 474  
YesWGST 477Women in Modern European HistoryHIST 477  
YesEPSY 320Child Development for Educators Social and Behavioral Sciences 
YesENGL 219Literature and the Other Arts   
YesPSYC 206Black PsychologyAFST 206  
YesAFST 206Black PsychologyPSYC 206  
YesPSYC 208Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Minority ExperienceAFTS 208  
YesAFST 208Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Minority ExperiencePSYC 208  
YesPSYC 209Psychology of Culture and DiversityAFST 209  
YesAFST 209Psychology of Culture and DiversityPSYC 209  
YesENTO 210Global Public Health Entomology   
YesLMAS 201Introduction to Latin/Mexican American Studies   
YesAFST 303Psychology of Women of ColorPSYC/WGST 303  
YesPSYC 303Psychology of Women of ColorAFST/WGST 303  
YesWGST 303Psychology of Women of ColorAFST/PSYC 303